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LUX Stix Stand

LUX Stix Stand

The NEW LUX STIX STAND by LUX BOX™ ! The perfect addition to your vanity.

The LUX BOX™ Stix Stand is a rotating lippy heaven!! Use this organizer to store all your liquid lipsticks, glosses, lip liners, eyeliners, mascaras and more in the 10 individual sections. Each slot will hold approximately 5-10 liquid lipsticks/ liners (total 50-100 depending on the size of the tube/pencil)

You will find that perfect color in a second, no more rummaging around drawers and bags.

Yes, it spins! 

Dimensions: 6" L x 2.75" W x 12" H

Material: 100% Grade A Lucite Acrylic

Makeup is not included.

In stock and ready to ship.

$ 65.00